How Our Service Works

We’ve partnered with Bluehost web hosting to help you create a professional and affordable blog. Simply click through our website to sign up with Bluehost for as low as $3.95/month, choose a free domain for your blog and complete the sign up. Then return here, send us your Bluehost login information through our secure online form and we’ll set up your blog for you within 24 hours!

Register with Bluehost through the link on our website and we’ll do the following completely free of charge!

Install WordPress

We’ll install WordPress, the best blogging software there is and make sure everything is ready to go for your first blog post (a $100 value).

Install the Genesis Framework

Genesis gives your blog clean code, mobile optimization, state-of-the-art security, blazing fast performance and more (a $60 value).

Install Your Choice of Theme

You get your choice of 16 different professionally designed themes giving your blog a spectacular design that will wow your readers (a $40 value).

Install Essential Plugins

We’ll install 5 essential WordPress plugins to help your blog with spam protection, search engine optimization, performance, and more.

Guides and Resources

You'll get access to 5 in-depth guides covering WordPress, Genesis, Basic HTML and blogging as well as links to several other valuable resources.

All Within 24 Hours

We will set everything up for you within 24 hours of receiving your Bluehost account information no matter what day of the week it is.

What's the catch?

There’s no catch, Bluehost takes care of our fees no matter which plan and options you select. Our service is 100% free to you after you purchase your web hosting. You must sign up for Bluehost through the link on our website though, otherwise we won’t be able to set up your blog.

The Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog

Everybody can benefit from having a blog, whether you want to just have fun, build a network, create an online brand, establish authority or inspire others and potentially change the world! Plus you can easily turn your blog into a profitable side business and no other kind of business gives you the freedom to work from anywhere with such high profit margins and low costs.

Free blogging sites like or limit your monetization options and control what you’re allowed to write about. Many of these sites show advertising and other messages that you can’t control and if any of these platforms change their systems or algorithms you can potentially lose all your time and work.

When you start a blog with your own web hosting and domain you have full control over your blog and your brand. You can write about anything you want, monetize however you want and not worry about losing your work if the site you’re blogging on goes out of business.

Why WordPress and the Genesis Framework?

WordPress is a free, powerful, very easy to use and open-source blogging platform used by over 60 million bloggers around the world. There are thousands of plugins and themes that you can use to transform your website into anything you can imagine.

The Genesis Framework gives you the power to build an incredible blog using WordPress. Think of your blog as a car. WordPress is the Engine of that car, the Genesis Framework is the frame and the outside of the car is customized using Genesis Child Themes.

The Genesis Framework features:

  • Clean optimized code and smart design architecture to help you get the highest search engine rankings possible.
  • Mobile Optimization so your blog will look amazing no matter if it’s being viewed on a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • State-of-the-art, airtight security protecting your site from exploitation or other malicious attacks which can damage your online reputation.
  • Blazing fast loading speeds and fantastic site performance.
  • A wide variety of professionally designed child themes that will make your blog look spectacular and impress your readers.

Over 189,000 website owners and bloggers use the Genesis Framework for a beautiful and professional looking website enhancing their trust and credibility.

Chose From This Collection of Professional Blog Designs

When we set up your blog you get a choice of one of these professionally designed Genesis child themes.

Parallax Pro

Demo Website

Ambiance Pro

Demo Website

Foodie Pro

Demo Website

Metro Pro

Demo Website

Modern Studio Pro

Demo Website

Magazine Pro

Demo Website

Daily Dish Pro

Demo Website

Lifestyle Pro

Demo Website

Whitespace Pro

Demo Website

Wintersong Pro

Demo Website

Milan Pro

Demo Website

Atmosphere Pro

Demo Website

Brunch Pro

Demo Website

Simply Pro

Demo Website

Eleven40 Pro

Demo Website

Expose Pro

Demo Website


I have a small business and we’ve been talking about starting a blog to hopefully increase our online presence for awhile now. I didn’t know anything about making a website and I’m not very good using the Internet but Easy Mode Blogging was a huge help!

As a writer, having a blog is very important but also quite difficult if you don’t have any technical expertise. Thankfully Easy Mode Blogging came to my rescue and set everything up taking care of all the things I couldn’t figure out how to do. I’m very pleased with the service and would recommend it to everyone.

I really love gardening and I wanted to start a gardening blog for years but I didn’t know where to begin. Easy Mode Blogging got my blog set up right away and made the process easier than I imagined. I’m definitely glad I got them to take care of all the heavy lifting.

Don't put off starting a blog any longer, let us set everything up for you today!