First click the green “Get Started Now” button.

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Next you’ll see 3 options for plans.

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You can pick the plan that best suits your budget and your needs.

99% of people will be fine with the basic plan. If all you plan on doing is having a blog you only need 1 website and 50GB is a huge amount of space.

You get 1 free domain with your account regardless of which plan you choose.

Parked domains are additional domains that have been registered to your account but aren’t being used for anything, you probably don’t need to worry about this at all.

A sub domain lets you create an additional website sort of off your domain. For example if your domain is you could create a subdomain like I can’t see any reason why you’d ever need to create more than a couple of these so 25 with the basic plan should be more than fine.

Bluehost also lets you create email accounts so you can get an email address like which is much more professional than using something like Hotmail or Gmail.

The basic account lets you create 5 emails with 100MB of space per account. If you’re just sending occasional text emails you should be fine.

The marketing offers are just coupons for services like Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. You can usually get coupons for these services through other means so don’t let this option influence your decision of which plan to pick.

We recommend you pick the Basic Plan

If you plan on creating multiple websites and having a lot of email accounts then go with the Plus Plan. The Plus Plan is nice since you get unlimited everything and you never really need to worry about anything.

If this is your first blog then just stick with the Basic Plan. It has more than enough features for now and if you find out you need something in the future you can easily upgrade to a more advanced plan.


Next you get the option to pick a domain for your new blog

This will be the address people type in to visit your blog.

Bluehost Screenshot: Domain

In the new domain box you can choose whatever you like. When you hit next it’ll tell you if the domain is or isn’t available.

We recommend you choose a .com domain as that’s what most people assume most websites end in. It’s also the most professional option.


Next you’ll see the section to enter your personal information

Bluehost Screenshot: Personal Information


Next you’ll see a section to select your options

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You have 3 payment options for your plan, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. This is how Bluehost is able to keep their monthly fees so low, by having you pre pay for a larger block of time at once.

You’ll get the best deal if you sign up for 36 months but the 12 month option is also an option and you can always adjust your plan later.


Plan Options

Domain Privacy Protection: anyone can look up the personal information for any domain that’s registered through a whois search. With Domain Privacy Protection when they look up your domain instead of seeing your name, address and contact information they’ll just see Bluehost’s information. We highly recommend you select this option, especially if you plan on blogging anonymously or anything like that.

Site Backup Pro: this is a nice option but it’s not entirely necessary. It’ll make daily backups of your site so you can go back and restore from a back up if anything goes wrong. You can always make your own backups but if you don’t want to worry about anything then this is a useful option.

Search Engine Jumpstart: this is basically just an attempt to sell you on Search Engine Optimization services. You do not need this option.

SiteLock Security – Find: this is some kind of business verification service which you also do not need.

Comodo Positive SSL Bundle: on some plans you might see this option. An SSL gives your site an extra layer of protection when people are submitting sensitive information such as credit card number or passwords. You do not need this option if you’re just running a blog.


The only options you should think about are the Domain Privacy Protection which we strongly suggest you get and the Backup option if you feel that would be useful


Once your options are selected you just need to enter your payment information

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Confirm the Terms of Service, click submit and then you’re done!


Once you have your password return to our website and send us your login information so we can set everything up.

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